You drive, your Opel guides you

With the live navigation service you can stay focused on the fun of driving while having the latest traffic information on your navigation system. This service is included free of charge for 3 years when you buy a new car with an embedded navigation system. Just add your new car to your profile and activate the service.

The countries covered by these services are listed in the General conditions of sale and use, click here.


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Live Navigation Plus
The best co-driver

Enjoy a seamless experience to help keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. 

With Live Navigation services your car finds the best route in real time, based on reliable traffic information coming from a large community of users in over 30 countries. The Live Navigation services are displayed on the main screen of your car and is even supported by voice control.

The inbuilt Road Safety Alerts option will provide confirmed information in real time. It will give you advanced visual and audible warnings so your speed and driving style can adjust accordingly ensuring a safer environment for you and your passengers.

All about the service

Drive smart

Enjoy the time in your car to the fullest with Live Navigation services. The services include real time information about traffic jams as well as cheap service stations and parking spots. These are directly delivered to your car's touchscreen and are also available on the instrument panel screen in your Opel instrument cluster (if equipped with a digital device).

Reliable prevention

Road Safety Alerts guarantee reliability. Thanks to a big community of millions of people in over 30 countries every accurate, real time warnings are made easily available . You can share warnings too. 

Legally compliant

Depending on the country and the rules and regulations in force, the alerts for speedcams and danger zones notify you of the exact position of fixed and mobile radars (speed, traffic lights, stop signs) and warns you when you are entering a zone which is an accident hot spot.

The Live Navigation services include:

  • Online traffic
  • Parking information
  • Weather information
  • Voice control support
  • Service stations and fuel prices along your journey or nearby
  • Quick search for addresses and online points of interest

With an electric vehicle, you can do online POI search for charging stations.

Service activation

How to activate the service

If you have a new car with an onboard navigation system, you benefit from a free 3 year subscription of the Live Navigation services. After 3 years you can extend the service directly with your online account. 

How to use the service

When the service is activated you can change its configuration in the navigation system of your Opel.